Mortgage Refinance in Denver, CO

Want to reduce your mortgage rate, change your interest rate, or consolidate debts?

Refinancing your mortgage can help you to achieve these or other goals, bringing financial flexibility back into your life.

With UpRoar Financial, you can refinance your home loan quickly and affordably. Whether it's a rate reduction or debt consolidation we've got the solution for you!

Benefits of Refinancing Your
Home Loan

The exact benefits of refinancing depend on your specific scenario. But here are some possible advantages:

  • You could reduce your interest rate.
  • You might be able to stop paying for MIP or PMI.
  • You can get more time to pay off the mortgage.
  • You can change your interest rate format.
  • You can renegotiate other loan terms.

When Is It Time to Refinance?

While the advantages of refinancing can greatly enhance the flexibility, convenience, and affordability of your mortgage, there is a cost to refinancing a home loan.

The key to making a refinance work for you is to time it well. How do you know if refinancing at this time will pay off? Here are some scenarios where our Denver mortgage lenders might recommend a refinance:

When your qualifications are more competitive. With a higher credit score or lower DTI ratio than you had when you applied for your original mortgage, you might now qualify for more competitive rates and terms.

When interest rates have dropped. If interest rates have decreased relative to what you are paying right now, it might be time to try refinancing to lock in today’s more competitive rates.

When your income has gone down. Sometimes, homeowners may turn to refinancing if their incomes have dropped. By refinancing to a longer loan term, it is possible to decrease the monthly mortgage payment for a more affordable home loan.

When you own more equity. If you pay for mortgage insurance each month, it is worth checking to see whether you now own enough equity in your home to qualify for a mortgage without insurance.

When you are consolidating. Borrowers with high interest debts can benefit from consolidating them into a home loan with a lower interest rate.

When your plans have changed. If you plan to live in your home for longer or shorter than you originally expected, changing to a fixed or adjustable interest rate might help you save money. Some borrowers also switch to a fixed rate for peace of mind.

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Paul straetmans
Paul straetmans
Want to have the best rates in the game and get in your dream home faster than everywhere else? Look no further!!
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Alexa Bednarz
Josh made my experience so easy when working with Uproar. He was so responsive to any of my questions (I had a lot!) and we closed in 12 days. I recommend everyone go through Josh and the uproar team when looking to refinance!
Jay Hamilton
Jay Hamilton
Working with UpRoar was definitely easy. Not only are they knowledgeable, but very professional and responsive to all of the questions I’ve had along the way. They will present you with the best option for your particular situation and cater the process to you. Do yourself a favor and choose them to assist you in any of your mortgage needs! You won’t be disappointed.
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Erfan Alizadeh
Very helpful in helping me navigate thoroughly all of the things I wanted to know in purchasing my home. Always responsive and communicative, they’re awesome.
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Hanna Houle
Extremely impressed by this team's responsiveness and ability to help me navigate everything I need to know to get ready for my first purchase! Highly recommend
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Carly Morrison
My whole experience with the UpRoar team was great! They made me feel extremely comfortable after initially feeling a little uneasy about a potential purchase.
Matt Peck
Matt Peck
Super helpful as I was trying to navigate the waters as a first time home buyer. Always kept in the loop and would highly recommend!
Nick Engelhart
Nick Engelhart
Josh and Brian at UpRoar Financial should be everyone's go to mortgage professionals! They will get you the best deal and close your loan no longer than 2 weeks I could not believe how fast this process was!

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